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Formerly known as Royal Labs, Webmint is a group of visionaries, nerds, rebels and mavericks who are committed to removing the technological barriers to web3 participation.

We launched our own NFT projects, some of which reached number 1 on OpenSea, and have partnered with some big names in this space to create sold-out projects that are still going strong today. After launching Approving Corgis and Tasty Bones, we opened up our tool to 10 Alpha users and helped them launch their own NFT projects. 7 sold out within minutes and 4 are launching soon.

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Now, we want to open our tool up to everyone. To do this, we are evolving from Royal Labs to Webmint. We are evolving from a small tool that only a few could use, to a web3 partner that will launch thousands of projects, including yours.

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